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Where does it say we have the right to judge?

We create our inner self. When we tear others down or judge people we are burning holes in our inner self. If you cannot find yourself or seem to be lost maybe, for some, its because that’s all you have been doing?

Spreading love, kindness, and building people up are acts that truly matter in life. It helps build better character and build a better you. Everything becomes positive and possible.

Recently I read an article that called coloring books for adults a scam. This lady basically said that people who need to color to relax need to see therapists.

Where does it say in the world that anyone has the right to judge others?  We are all humans and live our lives differently. Some people like to crochet, play video games, paint, work on old cars to relax but does that mean they need therapy too?

She was very rude about the whole activity. I was very appalled. This woman believes she has the right to judge people. I’m sure she has things she doesn’t like people judging her over. Then why continue the cycle?  Now she might have been having a bad day or she just might really have a stick up her butt, but either way it was one article that wasn’t needed.

Judging others is in itself another form of bullying. The purpose of judgement is to hurt the other person or make fun of someone. #bully

There is a very defined line between Judgement/criticism and constructive criticism. Thankfully I have learned the difference between the two. Criticism and Judgement are acts or comments that are meant to be negative and mean. Usually the purpose of these actions is to hurt someone else or make them feel bad or inferior to others.

Constructive criticism is positive. It focuses on things that were done very well and then usually follows with some advice on doing something differently or other things that build someone’s confidence up.

Like your parents, teachers, grandparents, and any other wise person has said “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”

Please spread love instead of hate. In a world that needs it more than ever please don’t be the reason why this world goes south.

Thank you,